Food Bank

WMS is collecting non-perishable items for the foodbank on an ongoing basis. It will be delivered at the end of every month.

In addition to non-perishable food items, the food bank is in dire need of back to school supplies. Suggestions for donations are:

Primary Grades: small backpack, sharpened pencil, eraser, small ruler, small pencil case, lunch box/bag

Junior/Senior grades: sharpened pencils, eraser, ruler, pens in blue/black and red ink, highlighters, calculator (scientific), protractor, small pair of scissors, glue stick, pencil case, planner or agenda, binders and notebooks, folder to bring home forms/homework, pocket-sized French dictionary

Major drive is for Sunday, 31 July, but people are still encouraged to donate on the first Sunday in September. Items donated will be delivered to the food bank early the following week.

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