Summer Services

We will have regular services through the month of July. There will be no services from August 5-26 inclusive. September 1st will be a joint service at St. Paul’s in Winchester at 10 am. There will be no service in Morewood.

Services in Morewood resume on September 8, 2019

Note that while we are closed from Aug 5-26, services will continue at St. Paul’s in Winchester.

Rev. Kemp will be on vacation from Aug. 20 to September 3.

Refugee Sponsorship

The Presbytery of Seaway-Glengarry has decided to sponsor a refugee family. To that end a Refugee sponsorship committee has been formed. They have asked each pastoral charge to name a representative. Garnet Thompson from Morewood has agreed to be our representative. The cost to sponsor a family is approximately $30,000. Support for the programme will be by freewill donations through our local churches to the Presbytery. Our refugee family has arrived and is thriving in Kemptville. This venture was very successfull, and as a Presbytery, we have agreed to support another refugee; freewill donations are ongoing.