Questions for Reflection on Sermon Series on Solitude




  1. How would you describe your own attitude toward solitude? Do you tend to resist it or to welcome opportunities for it? What circumstances in your own past have contributed to your attitude?


  1. Moore distinguishes between solitude and loneliness. Think back to times of each in your life. How would you describe the difference between solitude and loneliness? Does the fear of loneliness discourage you from seeking solitude?


  1. Sometimes solitude can be the best means for working through a personal crisis. Recollect such a time of crisis in your life. What part, if any, did solitude play?


  1. Which potential dangers of solitude have you personally experienced? What safeguards have you found effective?



  1. Have you had an experience of solitude that changed your life? What were the circumstances? How did it change you?


  1. Are you aware of a desire to experience more solitude in your own life, or are the ways you currently experience solitude sufficient to address your need? How does a need for solitude manifest itself in your life?


  1. In what ways do you find that our culture discourages individuals from being alone? How do you see a hunger for solitude reflected in the larger society and in the lives of the people you know?


  1. Some of the gifts of solitude include greater attentiveness to one’s surroundings, insight, clarity, and an awareness of the presence of God. Have you experienced any of these gifts during periods of solitude? What other gifts have you experienced? How have you integrated them into your life?