April 25, 2021

Thank You For Giving To The Lord

Passage: John 6:1-15

Fourth Sunday of Easter 

Mission Awareness Sunday 

Online Worship Service 

April 25th, 2021 

Welcome and Call to worship 


 - “Come Sing O Church In Joy”

            - “I Love To Tell The Story”

Prayers of Adoration and Confession and the Lord’s Prayer 

Hymn: “God On The Mountain”

The Scripture:   John 6:1-15

Hymn: “Thank You For Giving To The Lord”

Sermon: “Thank You For Giving To The Lord” 

Hymn: “Lord, You Give The Great Commission”


Prayers of Thanksgiving and Intercession 

Hymn: “Jesus Bids Us Shine”


- “May The God Of Hope”

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